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Posted on January 27 2019


Valentine's Day is right around the corner and while I do feel as if the day is just another consumer holiday, I also love any reason to throw a themed tee on my kids. So, I have searched the interwebs to bring you my Top 10 favorite Valentine's Day kids tees from some of my favorite small shops! 

1. Love What Makes You Different from Wire and Honey

love what makes you different kids graphic raglan tee shirt

I am all about using your sense of style to spread some positive messages and this adorable kids raglan from Wire and Honey does just that! If raglans aren't your thing, they also offer a short sleeve tee AND the design comes in adult styles as well. Get your hands on this super sweet raglan HERE


2. Love you XO from Five Wild Hearts

Sometimes the simplest words send a big message and that is totally the case with this simple and to the point love you xo tee from Five Wild Hearts. Grab this tee, available in several colors, HERE


3. Loving you is Easy Peasy Mac n Cheesy from Buzzshack

I am a sucker for witty kids tees and this Loving You is Easy Peasy Mac n Cheesy makes me belly laugh! What kid doesn't love Mac & Cheese? I'm not ashamed to admit, we pretty much serve it weekly! Grab this hilarious tee HERE


4. You Make my Heart Roar from Modish Trends

dinosaur kids graphic tee

My love for dinosaurs runs deep so any kids (who am I kidding, or adults) tee that features dinos is definitely going on my list! Head to Modish Trends to grab this and several other dinosaur Valentine's Day tees! You can get this one HERE


5. Love Yourself from West + Mak

love yourself kids graphic tee

Such a simple message but still so important, especially in today's climate. I love the simplicity of this Love Yourself tee from West + Mak. Grab one for your little one HERE 


6. ABC I Love You from Hart + Soul Apparel

There is just something about this tee and the way the contrasting color pops that I love! Head to Hart and Soul Apparel on Etsy and grab this tee HERE 


7. You're Everything I Need from Mars + Zo

This tee by itself is simply adorable but what I love most is that it is part of a Mommy/Daddy & Me set! Mars + Zo also offers a You're Everything I Hoped For version so you can match with your mini(s)! Grab this tee or a set HERE


8. Yoda the One that I Want from Neverland Crew Clothing

I'll admit, Star Wars is NOT my thing. I don't get it. However, my kids are OBSESSED with all things Star Wars and I mean, Yoda IS adorable so this tee from Neverland Crew Clothing was just too cute to pass up. Grab this tee, available in pink and black HERE


9. Always Wear my Heart on my Sleeve from Mommas Minis and More

I immediately thought of my third born when I saw this tee. I love that he is so sensitive and expressive with his emotions. He never holds back how he feels. So this tee from Mommas Minis and More gives me all the feels! Grab it HERE 


10. Love is Kind from Bear and Little Bird Co

I have a secret love for all things minimalist though my house would probably cause you to think otherwise. This Love is Kind tee from Bear and Little Bird Co is simple and sweet. What more do you need? Check it out in their Etsy shop HERE


See something you love? Let me know which Valentine's Day tee is your favorite in the comments section! I'm sure the small shop owners behind these tees would love to hear it!

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