Welcome to Modish Trends Shop!
Modish Trends is a family-run small shop based out out of sunny, San Diego, located in Southern California. We are all about creating fun, real-life inspired tees for the whole family! 
Modish Trends was started in April of 2013 as a way to help bring in some extra money for our large family while allowing me, the Mama behind the shop to stay home and take care of our children. Our life with 6 children is complete CHAOS to say the least but we of course LOVE it (most days)! We try to create tees for people are know the struggle of taking care of kiddos, trying to get in shape, relying on coffee and/or wine for daily survival, and all other sorts of real life problems! 
We hope you love our tees as much as we do! I look forward to creating something for you! 
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The Modish Trends Family